Affordable World Class Sport Psychology Training for All Your Athletes

Provide hundreds of proven mental training techniques to improve self-confidence, leadership, mental toughness and more.

Covers Every Important Mental Performance Skill

Champion’s Mind combines scientifically proven results with decades of practical experience working with athletes at all levels.


Practice mindset techniques like reframing and self-talk to grow your athlete’s self-confidence.

Performing Under Pressure

Use breathing, visualization and goal setting techniques to overcome big day nerves.


Give your athletes the mental techniques to completely focus on the needs of moment.

Mental Health

Teaches your athletes the signs to look out for and creates the confidence to reach out for help when needed.

Mental Toughness

Learn the four pillars of mental toughness - commitment, confidence, concentration and composure.

Competition Mindset

Prepare your athletes to attack each opportunity like a focused hunter preparing to strike their prey.

Leadership & Teamwork

Help athletes develop their leadership skills and create a powerful bond of trust and respect between teammates.

Body Language

Have your athletes project an aura of confidence that shouts to the world that they will never give in or be defeated.

How it works

As a coach, you get access to the coach dashboard where you can set up your team, monitor their progress and set weekly mental training goals and challenges.

Athletes will receive an email to download the Champion’s Mind app, which contains a 12 module mental training program for you to work through. All the sport psychology expertise is contained within the app - you don't need a qualification of your own.

Athletes work through the 12 modules using guidance from you included in our free to download 37 page mental training workbook.

After completing the 12 modules, athletes can continue to develop their mental game with over 200 additional challenges, visualizations, mindfulness exercises, affirmations, muscle relaxation sessions and more.

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Sign up for your coach dashboard account

Signing up lets you invite your athletes and run the first week of the program for free before deciding if you want to continue.

"This app is great, and has helped me immensely."

Jake Basinger, BHSU Yellowjackets

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