Athletic Directors

Performance psychology and mental health training for all your athletes via an app

Affordable, effective and world class. Free, no obligation demo.

For all your athletes

Champion’s Mind lets you deliver a complete mental skills training program to hundreds of athletes simultaneously with just one person managing the process.

For busy schedules

By using an app, athletes can work on their mental game during the quiet times during their day - before sleeping, when on the road or when getting warmed up.

Gives you insight

Monitor the progress of your athletes and teams as they use the app. See which athletes and teams are performing best. Make it a mental toughness training competition between all your teams.

World Class Training

The mindset training techniques developed by Dr Jim Afremow over the last 20 years have brought home the gold at Olympic, professional and college level.

Team Communication

Communication easily with all your coaches and athletes using the private and team level communications features.

Easy to set up and use

All your athletes can be managed through a single simple dashboard. Setting up hundreds of athletes takes as little as 20 minutes (We’ll even do it on a call with you).

How Does Champion's Mind Work?


Athletes begin by downloading the Champion's Mind app, which gives them access to 130+ mental training sessions, including a structured 12 module mental skills training framework you can work through with them.


As a coach, you also get access to the coach dashboard, where you can assign modules and review each athlete's daily and weekly progress, plus choose from a series of team exercises that can be run to reinforce the lessons in each module.


Set up and manage all your teams, coaches and athletes. Review each team’s progress and see compare their results for the season.

Used by

Sign up for your coach dashboard account

Signing up lets you invite your athletes and run the first week of the program for free before deciding if you want to continue.

See how Black Hills State ran a complete mental skills training program for all their athletes within their existing budget.

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