Mental training for all your athletes from just $4.50/athlete/month

For Teams


Additional 10% discount when purchased annually.

  • 12 Module Mental Skills Training Course for all your athletes delivered by mobile app.
  • 200+ Additional Mental Training Exercises
    Challenges, affirmations, visualization, mindfulness, muscle relaxation exercises and more.
  • Coach’s Dashboard to track player and team progress Make sure your athletes are maintaining their mental edge.
  • A complete mental training guide for coaches to implement with your team.

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For Organizations

From $5.50/athlete/month*

Additional 10% discount when purchased annually.

  • All the features of teams for an unlimited number of teams.
  • Organization level messaging.
  • Team and Organization progress metrics
    See which teams are doing the work. Make it competitive.
  • Customised Links and Resource for getting help
    Add links for athletes to get an additional level of help if they need it.

See how Black Hills State ran a complete mental skills program for all their athletes within their existing budget.


I have a large team (40+ athletes)

For larger teams, we recommend setting up multiple sub-teams and having them compete against each other to complete the modules.

Mental training is a great way to have groups of athletes who normally wouldn’t normally communicate together to form new and stronger bonds with their teammates.

Is it available in my language?

Champion’s Mind is currently only available in English. We are aware of interest in seeing it translated to Spanish, German, Italian, French and other languages.

Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be informed about when your language will be coming soon.

Does mental training work?

Yes. Mental performance techniques like mindfulness, visualization, mantras and affirmations have been repeatedly shown to improve athlete satisfaction, performance and career longevity in dozens of sports.

How long does the program take?

Most coaches look to deliver one of the 12 modules in the introductory program each week. If you include break weeks and other time away from the team, this means most coaches deliver the program in 3-4 months.

After the program is complete, athletes continue to have full access to the app and can work on their mindfulness, breathing, affirmations, visualizations and muscle relaxation exercises at any time.

What age should my athletes be?

Mental training is beneficial to athletes at all ages. To fully understand some of the more advanced concepts in the program however, we recommend athletes be at least 15 years of age.

Do I need a sport psychologist?

No. Champion’s Mind contains all of the content needed to develop your athlete’s mental game. The program and exercises are designed to be delivered by either a coach or a sports psychologist.