A complete performance mindset training program for all your athletes

Give your athletes hundreds of proven mental training techniques to improve self-confidence, leadership, mental toughness and more.

App Based Mental Skill Training for your Athletes

Mental skills training delivered by an app so athletes can do their mental reps on the move and at their own pace.

Challenges, rewards, daily streaks and progress tracking to keep athletes focused on their mental performance.

Coach’s Dashboard to manage your team

Easy to set up your team

Just copy and paste your athlete’s email addresses in the coach’s dashboard.

Track your team’s progress

Make accountability a core component of your team’s mental training.

For Competitive and Amateur Athletes

The Champion’s Mind app is like having a sport psychologist in your pocket and available at all times.


Athletes can do their mental reps while travelling, when warming up, first thing in the morning or last thing at night.


Progress in the mental training modules is visible to coaches and teammates. No more pretending to do the work.


Our goal is to make sport psychology accessible to all athletes, not just the pros. Our pricing reflects that.

Covers performance mindset and mental health for athletes

Download our free 37 page mental training workbook

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Additional Features for Organizations

Organization Level Tracking & Messaging

Manage hundreds or thousands of athlete’s mental skills training with athlete and team level messaging and progress tracking.

Custom Mental Health Resources

A complete module focused on mental health and the ability to quickly connect to your organization’s mental health support resources in times of need.

So, would your athletes benefit from confidence, mental toughness or sports leadership training?

Set up a demo call with one of our team and we’ll answer any further questions you have. If you want to proceed, we can also help your get your athletes set up there and then.