Olympic level sports psychology training for all your athletes at an affordable rate

If your athletes need to develop their mental toughness, confidence, leadership or ability to perform under pressure better, Champion’s Mind will do just that. Let us show you how.

Performing Under Pressure

Choking under pressure is an athlete’s worst nightmare. Champion’s Mind provides each athlete with a mental skills toolbox for staying calm and focused in tight battles.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness isn’t about telling each other to man up or get over it. Champion’s Mind brings athletes back their love of sport - and builds enjoyment in daily grind.

Teamwork &

Leadership isn’t about shouting the loudest, it’s about showing the way. Champion’s Mind shows each athlete the right approach to getting the best from themselves and from each other.

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How Does Champion's Mind Work?

App for athletes on the go

Athletes begin by downloading the Champion's Mind app, which gives them access to 130+ mental training sessions, including a structured 12 module mental skills training framework you can work through with them.

Overview dashboard for coaches

As a coach, you also get access to the coach dashboard, where you can assign modules and review each athlete's daily and weekly progress, plus choose from a series of team exercises that can be run to reinforce the lessons in each module.

Mental Skills Coaching

Deliver the same mental skills training to your athletes that has worked for 17 Olympic gold medalists and counting.

Structured Progress

Champion’s Mind is structured into short modules, each with a core focus. Assign and review one major concept each week.

Complete Accountability

The mental training work completed by your athletes is tracked and reviewable. No more pretending to do the work.

Sign up for your coach dashboard account

Signing up lets you invite your athletes and run the first week of the program for free before deciding if you want to continue.

See how Black Hills State ran a complete mental skills training program for all their athletes within their existing budget.

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