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► What is mental skills training?

Skills like self-confidence, body language, teamwork, leadership, composure under pressure, motivation, commitment, attitude, focus and intensity.

Mental training techniques include mindfulness, visualization, breath-work, self-talk, affirmations and progressive muscle relaxation.

Each has been proven to improve athletic performance across a range of sports.

► Is it effective for my sport?

Mindset training is an effective tool for improving athletic performance for both men and women and in every sport.

Teams currently using Champion’s Mind include track and field, baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, rodeo, synchronised swimming, cricket and many more.

► How much does it cost?

Our mission is to make mental skills training accessible to all athletes and our pricing is designed to reflect this.

Athletes can access the program from as little as $4.50/month. The 12 module course can be run at your own pace, but most coaches aim to run one module every 1-2 weeks.

► How do I know if it’s working?

Teams that use Champion’s Mind report a more positive, resilient and team focused dynamic in their athletes within 2-3 weeks.

Other research also shows that athletes who incorporate mental skills training into their daily routine enjoy their sport more, stick with it longer and reach a higher level than athletes who don’t.

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